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Package Deals?

So.. as any of my “followers” here know, I’ve been branching out a bit over the last few years. Namely, studio videos and studio photography. Lately a lot more people have been asking about “package deals”, and I’ve done a few. But now I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve set up a full range of packages, relating to record production, documentary style session music videos, EPKs, and studio session photography. Everything from basic single to whole album packages are included. And plenty of room to customise what you’d like out of the package too. Something for everyone.

I’m such a huge fan of the idea of catching the recording process as it happens. I love watching “making of” DVDs and studio footage, and looking at studio pics. So I’ve been gravitating towards that a lot more. We’ve spent the last couple of years in here (‘we’ being my trusty assistant, Kylie Whitney and I) refining our processes so that we can deliver great quality, added value to your record making experience here at Love Hz Studios. In a nutshell, we work really hard to understand what it is that you want to do, and deliver on all fronts.

The packages are below, but if you want to have a look/listen to some of the stuff we’ve done recently, I’ve set up some “show reels”.

You Tube 


Soundcloud General Producer Reel

Soundcloud Country/Folk Producer Reel

And here’s the deals we have in mind, but remember, we're open to discussion about modifying packages to fit your requirements.

Basic single package

- 12 hours in studio
- Song recorded, mixed and mastered (normally $1440)
- In session photo shoot (normally $350)
- One local external photo shoot (normally $350)

$1500 ($2140 worth of value)

Deluxe single package

- 2 days in studio (16 hours)
- Song pre-production/arrangement (normally $350)
- Song recorded, mixed and mastered (normally $1440)
- Documentary-style video clip (normally $1500)
- In session photo shoot (normally $350)

$3000 ($3640 worth of value)

5 song EP package

- 8 days in studio
- 5 tracks produced and mixed (normally $8000)
- 2 Documentary-style video clips (normally $1500 each)
- In session photo shoot (normally $350)

$10000 ($11,350 worth of value)

11 song album package

- 18 days in studio
- 11 songs produced and mixed (normally $18,000)
- 2 Documentary-style video clips (normally $1500 each)
- 1 EPK (electronic press kit) video (5 minutes length max) (normally $1500)
- In session photo shoot (normally $350)
- Non-session photo shoot (normally $350)

$20,000 ($23,200 worth of value)


- Additional songs $1200 (limited to additional 12 hours recording/mixing
per song)
- Non sessions music video (negotiable depending on concept)

The fine print…

- Studio days are based on an 8 hour work day (additional time is charged at $150 an hour)
- Drums, guitars, bass and some keyboards are included for solo artists. Other musicians/vocalists are at the artist’s expense
- Mastering for EP and Album packages is at the artist’s expense
- Videos will be graded and delivered in a digital format. Preparation for broadcast is at the artist’s expense.
- Artist will be provided with all raw session photos and selected graded photos.
- Artist must pay a 25% deposit to secure sessions and another 25% at least a day in advance of the first day of session. A further 25% will be paid halfway through booked time. The balance will be paid on completion.
A further 5% discount will be offered for full payment up front.

Feel free to contact me at for any more info.


New Video - "The Boy From Tupelo" (Emmylou Harris cover)


New video - "Look Through Any Window" (The Hollies cover)


SOOP #5 - available now!!

So.. after a few unexpected delays, the last installments of this covers series is completed. It's available now from the Bandcamp Page, iTunes and Spotify, as well as your favourite digital places to get stuff.

As you may have heard, SOOP #5 is a duets album, done with as many of the important musical people in my history as I could get access to for this record. The track listing, original artists and the guest artist are listed below.

1. Where The Bands Are (Bruce Springsteen) - with Perry Keyes
2. She Don’t Care About Time (The Byrds) – with Marty Rudnick
3. Big In Japan (Tom Waits) – with Matt Fell
4. Awaiting On You All (George Harrison) – with James Cooper
5. Look Through Any Window (The Hollies) – with Rob Smith
6. Thorn In My Side (Eurythmics) – with Suzy Connolly
7. If You Can’t Rock Me (Rolling Stones) – with Chris Murphy
8. Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Beach Boys) – with Lukah Boo
9. I’ve Been Waiting (Matthew Sweet) – with Eddie Owen (and Bill Gibson on bass and BVs)
10. I Don’t Wanna Know (Fleetwood Mac) – Dominique English
11. Everybody Oughta Make A Change (Sleepy John Estes via Eric Clapton) – with Paul Carpenter
12. Already Gone (The Eagles) – with Jason Walker
13. Rockin’ All Over The World (John Fogerty/Status Quo) – with Too Many Guitars
14. The Boy From Tupelo (Emmylou Harris) – with Kylie Whitney


So, another interesting and diverse group of track, done with some amazing artists. I know you're going to love this. You can go and listen to the whole album here.


Christmas 2011 track and video

And i managed to squeeze out a new Christmas track in 2011 as well. You can download it for free here..


Kinda new video - "Life Gets Better" from SOOP #4

This is a fun little video I forgot to post here from a few months back for this track from SOOP #4


New album with the Cuban Heels - "By Request Vol 2"

Hey gang..

The next album is just done, just in time for Christmas!! This is album #4 in the series, and the second of the 'By Request' series I've done with my good friends, the band The Cuban Heels. It even includes requests by the band themselves!

The track listing is..

1.  Our Love (Rhett Miller)
2.  Tapioca Tundra (Mike Nesmith)
3.  Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones)
4.  Is It Any Wonder? (The Cowsills)
5.  Barrytown (Steely Dan)
6.  Breakfast In Marin (Sean Tyla)
7.  O Girlfriend (Weezer)
8.  I Don’t Want To Grow Up (Tom Waits)
9.  You Belong To Me (Elvis Costello)
10. Story Of An Artist (Daniel Johnston)
11. Good Morning Irene (Michael Adelsheim)
12. Mercury Blues (David Lindley)
13. Love And Mercy (Brian Wilson)

Of course, you can go to the Bandcamp page to have a listen. There's a few free tracks available there for download also. The CD will ship mid January, and it should be on iTunes etc right at the start of the new year.


New Video - "The Whole Of the Moon" from SOOP #4

New video, capturing the recording of "The Whole Of The Moon", from SOOP #4


Third album for the year - SOOP#4

So, here's the third record for the year, SOOP #4. I'm a little further behind schedule, but the quality is still up there! This is a really interesting collection of tracks... lots of new ones, and few old and REALLY old ones. This is probably the most obscure collection of songs, but there should be enough familiar ones there to make the ones you won't have heard worth the journey!

1. End Of The World (Jonah's Road)
2. Neil Jung (Teenage Fanclub)
3. The Whole Of The Moon (The Waterboys)
4. Life Gets Better (Graham Parker)
5. Getting Closer (Wings)
6. Stagefright (The Band)
7. That's Alright By Me (Gene Clark)
8. Keeping Me Alive (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
9. Learning To Fly (Kate Lush)
10. Goodbye Angel (Butterfly 9)
11. FM (Steely Dan) 

As usual, head to Bandcamp to have a listen to the album. 


Michael Carpenter & The Cuban Heels - By Request: Volume 1

Hey all..

Here's the track listing to the second of the 5 covers albums i'll be releasing this year. All recorded late last year by The Cuban Heels, in blistering time.

1. Different Drum (Mike Nesmith/Stone Ponys)
2. Tried So Hard (Gene Clark)
3. Everytime She Passes By (George Ducas)
4. It's Only Love (The Beatles)
5. She's Not You (Michael Shelley)
6. Slow Turning (John Hiatt)
7. Lovesong (The Cure)
8. Nature's Way (Spirit)
9. Here Come The Good Times (A House)
10. Mission In Life (Bernie Hayes)
11. She Goes On (Crowded House)
12. Everlong (Foo Fighters) 

To go and have a listen you can go to my Bandcamp site.