In The Studio With Michael

Michael in the studio. Photo: Kelly Carpenter.“Why should I do one thing, when I can do everything?”

These words once came out of the Michael Carpenter’s young, optimistic mouth. Little did the multi-instrumentalist, producer-engineer, singer- songwriter know how much ground he’d cover. His first band at 14. His first recording sessions at 16. His first tours at 20. His first recording studio at 24. His first failed business venture at 26. His debut album at 32, and then more than an album a year either as a solo artist, or in one of his bands or side projects, since.  On top of that, averaging about 100 shows a year in either one of his bands, or as an in demand sideman over the past 25 years, plus around 50 studio projects a year at his Love Hz Studios (co-managed with the ridiculously talented Matt Fell), he’s managed to achieve more already than most.  Either as a drummer, bass player, guitarist, 2 finger hammond player, or vocalist, Carpenter has appeared on over 300 records. And he has no intention of stopping.

While many consider him a powerpop expert, his own projects have covered, garage pop, rock and even touches of folk and hard rock. As a producer it seems there’s nothing he hasn’t done, including church choirs, metal and orchestral kids music. As a songwriter, he has co-written with many artists and had excellent exposure through several TV and Movie placements.

He has run his own vanity label, Big Radio Records for since 2001, whilst also working as a Mastering Engineer at Turtlerock Mastering, writing for Australia’s prestigious recording magazine Audio Technology, and working as a lecturer at JMC Academy.

Michael Carpenter learned early the importance of hard work, and his desire to learn new things and cover new ground still drives him. In the meantime, he continues to build one of the more impressive bodies of work you’re likely to find, anywhere.