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Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 11:46AM
Michael Carpenter

So.. as any of my “followers” here know, I’ve been branching out a bit over the last few years. Namely, studio videos and studio photography. Lately a lot more people have been asking about “package deals”, and I’ve done a few. But now I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve set up a full range of packages, relating to record production, documentary style session music videos, EPKs, and studio session photography. Everything from basic single to whole album packages are included. And plenty of room to customise what you’d like out of the package too. Something for everyone.

I’m such a huge fan of the idea of catching the recording process as it happens. I love watching “making of” DVDs and studio footage, and looking at studio pics. So I’ve been gravitating towards that a lot more. We’ve spent the last couple of years in here (‘we’ being my trusty assistant, Kylie Whitney and I) refining our processes so that we can deliver great quality, added value to your record making experience here at Love Hz Studios. In a nutshell, we work really hard to understand what it is that you want to do, and deliver on all fronts.

The packages are below, but if you want to have a look/listen to some of the stuff we’ve done recently, I’ve set up some “show reels”.

You Tube 


Soundcloud General Producer Reel

Soundcloud Country/Folk Producer Reel

And here’s the deals we have in mind, but remember, we're open to discussion about modifying packages to fit your requirements.

Basic single package

- 12 hours in studio
- Song recorded, mixed and mastered (normally $1440)
- In session photo shoot (normally $350)
- One local external photo shoot (normally $350)

$1500 ($2140 worth of value)

Deluxe single package

- 2 days in studio (16 hours)
- Song pre-production/arrangement (normally $350)
- Song recorded, mixed and mastered (normally $1440)
- Documentary-style video clip (normally $1500)
- In session photo shoot (normally $350)

$3000 ($3640 worth of value)

5 song EP package

- 8 days in studio
- 5 tracks produced and mixed (normally $8000)
- 2 Documentary-style video clips (normally $1500 each)
- In session photo shoot (normally $350)

$10000 ($11,350 worth of value)

11 song album package

- 18 days in studio
- 11 songs produced and mixed (normally $18,000)
- 2 Documentary-style video clips (normally $1500 each)
- 1 EPK (electronic press kit) video (5 minutes length max) (normally $1500)
- In session photo shoot (normally $350)
- Non-session photo shoot (normally $350)

$20,000 ($23,200 worth of value)


- Additional songs $1200 (limited to additional 12 hours recording/mixing
per song)
- Non sessions music video (negotiable depending on concept)

The fine print…

- Studio days are based on an 8 hour work day (additional time is charged at $150 an hour)
- Drums, guitars, bass and some keyboards are included for solo artists. Other musicians/vocalists are at the artist’s expense
- Mastering for EP and Album packages is at the artist’s expense
- Videos will be graded and delivered in a digital format. Preparation for broadcast is at the artist’s expense.
- Artist will be provided with all raw session photos and selected graded photos.
- Artist must pay a 25% deposit to secure sessions and another 25% at least a day in advance of the first day of session. A further 25% will be paid halfway through booked time. The balance will be paid on completion.
A further 5% discount will be offered for full payment up front.

Feel free to contact me at for any more info.

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